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The effort of improving organizations’ competency could be done with trainings and development programs. Either by sending the employees to training institution outside or inside the company, training becomes the strategy for employees’ skills development. The outcome of training depends on lots of factors, one of which is the trainer’s or facilitator’s competency.

Those rise the needs of boosting the internal trainers’ competencies through well structured and measurable program. It becomes important to achieve improvement in overall employees’ competencies.

Training program for trainer need to be planned using competency based approach to ensure the increase of internal trainers’ competencies. Participants will go through intensive exercises after witnessing the positive models either by video or from the facilitator’s example. The most interesting part is… participants will get edited hi-quality video on his/her performance along the 3 days session, before training, practicing, and the final presentation



After completing this training, you are expected to:

  • Acquire comprehension about Andragogy
  • Able to make A.U.D.I.E.N.C.E analysis
  • Mastery the Trainer’s Competence : Audience Anaysis, Structured Presentation, Communication Skill, Interpersonal Understanding
  • Able to enrich the material using his/her own A.I.S.H.A approach in enhancing audience



Course Outline

  • Introduction training and development
  • Andragogy Approach in facilitating the adult
  • Preparation strategy in delivering your training
  • Effective Facilitator’s competencies
  • Practising,Video tapping, and Feedback of Participant competensies
  • Using various media in presentation
  • Presentation Simulation (half-day session)

Number of Participant :


Duration :

  • 2 days ( 08.00 – 17.00)
  • 20 % Conceptual Framework
  • 80 % Individual Assessment
  • Excercise
  • Case Study

Venue :


Metodhology :

  • Lecture
    • Theories and conceptual overview in lecture format with Q and A sessions.
  • Video Learning
    • Watching positive model in implementing the approach
  • Games
    • Experiential activity that gives participant insight to conceptual knowledge
  • Discussion
    • Participants will discuss and solve issues in teams.
  • Case studies
    • Case study will enhance participants’ ability in applying theory in real situation.
  • Skill Practice
    • Participants will be practicing knowledge and skill acquired in the training through various form.

External facilitators


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