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As a part of corporate commitment in human resources development, Our Client is planning to have a training program for their employees. Our Client has also conducted a need analysis and found competency gap especially for management skills.

We are the Our Partner is proposing a training program called “Effective Management For Managers” which might be suitable for Our Client need. The objective of the training is to provide knowledge and skills needed to conduct an excellent management ability.


Our Approach

To have a good design training program, we believe that this project should be seen as a partnership project. This means, Our Client and Our Partner will collaborate to collect all information needed for the program, such as information from management (HRD), participant, as well as their managers.



  • Interactive Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Video
  • Games
  • Role Play



  • Evaluation that will be reported to Our Client is the evaluation of the program
  • The evaluation report will be submitted at the end of the program. As one of the input to the evaluation report is from evaluation form which will be distributed and filled by all participants. Some of points that will be evaluated are the trainer, method, and material


Topic, Duration and Participant

  • Topic : Effective Management for Manager
  • Duration: 1 (one) day effective
  • Detailed schedule will be discussed later
  • Participants: supervisor s and managers
  • For the effectiveness of the training, one class shouldn’t be more than 25 (twenty five) participants



  • Participant understands the role of a manager
  • Participant understands what does it takes to win competition
  • Participant understands current management issues
  • Participant understands the important of continuous improvement from benchmarking


Course Outline

  • Business strategy
  • Single – multiple business firm
  • Buyers shape the industry by forcing down prices and demanding higher quality
  • Value chain analysis
  • Group discussion : assess external factor of your organization
  • Industrial revolution
  • Trends in manufacturing
  • Position Target and Achievement Plan worksheet
  • How to conduct career coaching dialogue
  • Prerequisite to be a good coach
  • Steps in career coaching dialogue
  • Directing and motivating
  • Career coaching role play
  • Applying the tools
  • Coaching role play
  • Feedback from trainer
  • Business strategy
  • Single – multiple business firm
  • Buyers shape the industry by forcing down prices and demanding higher quality
  • Value chain analysis
  • Group discussion : assess external factor of your organization
  • Industrial revolution
  • Trends in manufacturing
  • Management of new technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology vs Advanced Information Technology
  • Technology forecasting
  • Change management
  • Elements of benchmarking
  • Reason for benchmarking
  • Benchmarking vs continuous improvement
  • Group discussion



Trainer Profile

The availability of the trainer depends on  detailed schedule later

Slamet Pririswanto

He holds his bachelor degree in Economy, majoring Management and took an MBA program at Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Manila – Philippine. His career was built through many companies from various industry such as construction, retail, distribution, manufacture, and logistic. He started his career in financial area and reach his best after 10 years of experience as a Finance and Accounting Manager when he was at Schering Indonesia. He extended his career in HR area for 10 years later and reach his best as Senior HR & GA Manager when he was at Wicaksana Overseas International (WOI), a retail distribution company with more than 3500 employees. Finally, he bought a distribution company and run the company until now. In the mean time he wants to share his knowledge and capabilities as speaker and trainer through many seminars, trainings and workshops. His expertise is in leadership & management skills, GA, HR management and other soft skills.


Niam Muiz

Niam Muiz started his career as OD Specialist at a local Consulting Firm since college student and was accepted in Price WaterHouse after graduated from Universitas Indonesia. For 10 years later, he worked as headhunter senior management at KPMG Consulting and Coopers & Lybrand.

He once was trusted to lead a group of company of more than 47 sister company that responsible for 100 million US Dollar and with latest position as Chief Operating Officer

In last 8 years, he has been involved in many workshop and seminar for more than 8.000 executives. He was known as a trainer whom gives sharp debrief in training and with his broad knowledge and experience in business and company matter.


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