Fundamental Electrical Engineering

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Fundamental Electrical Engineering

Golden Flower Hotel, Bandung | July 18-21, 2011  | Rp. 7.250.000,-

The training is intended to enhance the knowledge and insight about the fundamentals of electricity and maintenance of electric utilities in the industry. Topics emphasized into installation, trouble shooting and maintenance of utilities.

Course Contents

  • Basic Electricity (Electric quantities, Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s Law)
  • AC Voltage Generation (Induced AC Voltage, rotating magnetic field, frequency, voltage and current sine wave, peak value, RMS value)
  • Properties of AC Circuits (Resistive, Inductive and capasitive loads, phasor diagram)
  • Impedance and Voltage Drop (Voltage drop across individual elements, Impedance triangle, voltage drop across line)
  • Power and Power Factor (Energy and active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, power triangle)
  • Power Factor Correction (Individual and group PFC)
  • Three Phase Power Systems(Three phase generation, common neutral; Balanced three phase load, three phase equipment; Characteristics of Y/D connections, Three-phase power).
  • Electrical machines (DC-Machines, AC-Machines)
  • Motor Installation (installation & wiring of contactors, Types of motor starters, Motor & circuit protection)
  • Mechanical-Electrical Rotating Equipment Maintenance


Who Should Attend This Training?
This training is given to the technicians, operators and supervisors who work in the field of electricity power in the industry to be able to understand comprehensively the problem of electricity, installation and maintenance of utilities.

Ir. Muhammad Anda Falahuddin, MT.
He is one of the lecturers in State Polytechnic of Bandung. He teaches controlling electric motor, basic electrical engineering, maintenance and repair practices of RHVAC, and also digital electronics of RHVAC. He took his master degree in ITB, majoring electrical energy system. His scientific researches that he has written are failure analysis differential relays on the power transformer due to the interference outside the pacifier region, and making Dispatcher training simulator for the SCADA system of electricity distribution network.

Supriyanto Suhono, MT
Supriyanto, ST took his bachelor degree in University of Diponegoro, Semarang, 1985, majoring electrical engineering. He is currently finishing his Master Degree in Engineering and Informatics School, ITB, Bandung. To deepen his knowledge, he took some training, such as Teaching Methodology for Electrical Engineering (18 month), Polytechnic Educational Development Centre- Bandung and also Electrical Training Consultant by PT. Freeport Indonesia Company in Joint Operation with Bandung IPB Polytechnic, at Tembagapura Irian Jaya for around 1 year. He is a lecturer in state Polytechnic of Bandung. Beside that, he also becomes an Instructor with field of expertise are Operation and Maintenance Switchgear, Planning and design electrical Installation, Feeder Protection,Generator Protection, Transformator Protection, Basic Power system Protection, Low Voltage Grounding (Sytem and Equipment) and also Maintenance High Voltage Equipment.



  • Rp. 7.250.000,-/ participants (exclude Tax 10%)
  • Rp. 7.000.000,-/participants if register 3 or more than 3 (Three) Participants from 1 Company
  • Rp. 6.750.000,-/ participants if register 5 or more than 5 (Five) Participants from 1 Company



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