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Problem solving is defined as a process of omission difference or disharmony between result which wanted and ( Hunsaker , 2005). One part of ray process the trouble-shooting is decision making, what is defined as chosen solution. What defined is best solution chosen best solution from a number of available alternative ( Hunsaker , 2005). Imprecise decision making will influence the quality of trouble-shooting.

Ability to do the trouble-shooting is skill required by peoples in each its life aspect. Rare someone not face the internal issue everyday life. The Manager, peculiarly. representing covering  work of trouble-shooting element in it. If there no problem in a lot of organization, might not will emerge the requirement to employ the managers. That why its difficult to be acceptable when someone have not competence to be problem solver. ( Whetten & Cameron , 2002 )

Expression above, give the clear explanations to all of us that’s difficult to avoid by self from problem, because the problem is indivisible’ s part of our life, whether social and also professional life. This case domination on problem solving method its so important, so that we protected from “Jump to conclusion” act, that is the conclusion withdrawal process to problem without through  process analyst the problem real correctly, and also supported by evidences or accurate information. There is tendency that peoples, include of managers have the natural tendency to chosen the incoming first solution is sensible (March & Simon, 1958;March, 1994;Koopman, Broekhujisen, & Weirdsma, 1998). Unhappily first choice which they take oftentimes is not best solution.  Typically, in case problem solving, most of peoples applied, the solution which less be acceptable or less gratify, compared to optimal or ideal solution (Whetten & Cameron, 2002).

This problem solving might be can emerge the new complicated problem than previous.

Objective Training

  • Participant able to explained mean of Problem Solving and decision making, explained and doing comparison about some model of problem solving strategy and decision making.
  • Improving participant knowledge about kinds of tools which usable to problem solving. Its must justified to target and situation also the potential handicap.


Training Items

Day 1

Item Sub item Purpose

Ice breaking

Problem Identified


  • Game Who am I, Halo How Are You (Haloo apa kabar?) , cha-cha bu cha-cha , 1,2,3 boom , dll

  • Defining problem in accurate figures
  • Differentiating between fact and opinion.
  • Data objective and perception.
  • Data Download for  Supporting problems.


Mean to Liquefying training atmosphere so that intertwined Belief, togetherness, warm feeling,   each other among participant with instructor.

Improve knowledge of participant of problem definition ability can differentiating problems, opinion, perception, public opinion and fact.

Problem solving System approaching. 

Steps of Problem Solving

  • Problem Solving Process
  • System and subsystem concept
  • Relevant inter sub system
  • Relevant inter problems each others .
Improving knowledge of participant that problem is not be relevant self support, but representing one union or closely related with the other sub system in an organization

Day 2 :Technique and Method of Teaming Problem Solving

Item Sub Item Purpose
Brain Storming  /Throwing Opinion Technique 

LFA Technique (logical framework approach)

  • Determined Problem
  • Problem solving  cycle/Process by brain-storming / throwing opinion technique
  • Build class atmosphere
  • Tools and facilities that must prepare
  • Tools that use in brain-storming technique : diagram Fish bone, Flow Chart, Filed Energy   analysis
  • Problem Solving Facilitator Feasibility by throwing Opinion.
  • Strengthen and weakly  Throwing Opinion Technique. Problem Solving Application by This Technique.

  • Concept and LFA Degree
  • Tools and Material Ready.
  • Strengthen and Weakly LFA Method
  • Conditions to be LFA Facilitators
  • One Cycle Problem Solving by LFA Method
  • Things That Must Protected in LFA Processing.

Improving the understanding of trainee for use bulk of opinion or brain-storming method in problem-solving process. Able to identify the weakness and this technique excess.

Enriching Trainee capability to be facilitator in a problem solving by use bulk of opinion.

Enriching of Trainee of use LFA (Logical Framework Approach) method in a problem solving. Able identify weakness And superiority this technique.  

Improving participant ability to be facilitator in a problem solving by using LFA Technique and method.

Day 3 / 4: SWOT Method Analysis, Decision Making and Tools Problem Solving

Item Sub Item Purpose
SWOT analysis 

The tools of problem solving

  • SWOT Analysis Concept
  • Weakness and Superiority
  • SWOT Problem Solving Process
  • Determine EFAS (External Factor Analysis Summary )
  • Determine IFAS (Internal Factory Analysis Summary )
  • Stipulating Value by using Delphi Method  Delphi , Dunn ranking or The Law of Comparative Judgment

  • PDCA program
  • DMAIC program
  • Diagram affinity
  • Diagram amtrik

  • Diagram Strength Area ( bidang kekuatan)
  • Criterion Assessment
  • Check Sheet
  • Tree Diagram
  • Sequence Flowchart
Improving Participant Understanding of SWOT Analysis in a problem solving process and Identify ability of weaknesses an superiority the technique.  

Participant able recognize of kinds tools in a problem solving helpful.

Day 4 : Decision Making

Decision making 

Creativity and Imagination Power building in Decision Making and Problem solving Process.

  • Decision making concept
  • DM Cycle
  • Stipulating alternative decision as a problem solving result.
  • Problem solving alternative evaluated
  • Enrolling Probability element in decision.
  • Build of Decision Diagram.
  • Solution and follow-up.

  • Creativity  Power Development.
  • NLP program
  • Main  mapping program
  • Intuition Process

Improving understanding of Participant in using Problem solving result by decision making precisely. And efficient  and effective for organization developing.  

Enriching of Imagination energy and  creativity of Participant  in an build capability  to solve problem solving and take the better decision making from The Problems.

Course Leader:

Dr. Dra. Ayi Tejaningrum, MSIE. Lulusan program Doktoral (S3) dari ITB, Bandung, Jurusan Teknik & Manajemen Industri. lebih dari 16 tahun (mulai tahun 1990) mengajar diperguruan tinggi (IKOPIN, STIE Ekuitas, Universitas Widyatama) dengan bidang kajian pada mata kuliah : Perilaku Organisasi, Perancangan produk, Manajemen Mutu, ISO 9000, Manajemen Bisnis, Statisiik, Teknik Proyeksi Bisnis, Ergonomi dan Teknik Tatacara Kerja, Manajemen Persediaan, Manajemen Produksi, Sistem Produksi, Pengenalan Bahan, Metode Kuantitatif, Analisis Data Survey, Statsitik, Pengantar aplikasi komputer dll.

Sejak Tahun 2000 sampai dengan sekarang aktif sebagai instruktur pelatihan bagi Karyawan PT. Pertamina (Persero), PT. PUSRI, Pupuk Kaltim, PT. Melamin, PT. Badak, PT. PLN (Persero), PT MEDCO E&P Indonesia, PT ARUN NGL. Dan pada berbagai jenis pelatihan khususnya bidang teknik dan manajemen industri. Sampai saat ini tercatat sudah lebih dari 170 kelas pelatihan pernah dilaksanakan dan bertindak sebagai instruktur utama.

General Information


Certificate of Appreciation

All attendees will receive a certificate of appreciation attesting to their participant in the training. This certificate will be providing in exchange for a completed training questionnaire.



  1. Quality training material kits will be on registration, additional papers, & handouts assignment by Our Partner.
  2. Note-taking by participants is encourage. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.
  3. Casual clothing is recommended. The training atmosphere is informal.


Minimum Participant

This training will be conducted if we receive registration letter from 3 (three) participants (Minimum)

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